What Types of Orchestras Are Traveling?

From the young violinist just starting their musical journey to the professionals working in the music industry, we run trips for all orchestra types.

High School Orchestras

High School Orchestras

College/University Orchestras

College/University Orchestras

Elementary and Middle School Orchestras

Elementary and Middle School Orchestras

Community Orchestras

Community Orchestras

Semi-Professional Orchestras

Semi-Professional Orchestras

Youth Orchestras

Youth Orchestras

Children's Orchestras

Children's Orchestras

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Customize Your Orchestra Trip

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Your Orchestra Trip Experience

Appropriate Orchestral Venues

Based on your orchestra's size, experience, ability and repertoire, we'll hand-pick appropriate venues just for you. We guarantee that the acoustics, stage size and venue type will be suitable for your orchestra.

Instrument & Equipment Rentals

We take care of all your instrument and equipment rental needs. Whether you need large percussion, an upright bass or a grand piano, we'll make sure it's ready for you on the stage.

Temperature-Controlled Instrument Trucks

We handle your instruments with care. Upon request, we'll book a temperature-controlled instrument truck to travel alongside your group. Your instruments are in good hands.

Instrument Insurance

Traveling with instruments can still be nerve-wracking! That's why both our Comprehensive & Ultimate Insurance Plans offer instrument insurance for passengers with the option to upgrade for additional coverage.


Instrument Storage

With Encore, your instruments will be safely stored in a separate room at the hotel, plus, we'll work with the venues and coach driver to ensure a safe storage space for your things during your performances.

Set-Up, Sound Checks and Rehearsals

We'll schedule plenty of time for your sound checks and rehearsals prior to each performance and we'll work with you in advance to determine how much time you will need.

Publicity Materials

Your orchestra's press kit is of the utmost importance when requesting to play in venues overseas. Our Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Orchestra's Press Kit will show you how to put these materials together.

Repertoire Approval

Whether performing for a formal performance, joint or benefit concert, repertoire selection is key to a successful orchestra trip. We'll help you select your orchestra's touring repertoire and send to your designated venues for approval.


Attire & Changing Rooms

We'll keep you informed of what concert attire you'll need to bring and we'll even book your changing rooms in advance!

Balance & Ringers

We know that your orchestra's balance is important during your recruitment strategies. We'll help you keep an eye on your balance through our passenger reports and can even hire ringers if you need them!

Joint Concerts, Workshops and Benefit Concerts

Looking to work with a local orchestra, participate in a workshop with a member of the local Philharmonic or want to raise money for a charity during your performance? Ask us to include some of these options in your proposal.

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Featured Festival: Musica Orbis

The Musica Orbis Festival, which takes place annually in the beautiful city of Prague, offers a wonderful musical experience to ensembles of all ages. This event includes 10 competition categories – including String Orchestras, Chamber Orchestras, Symphonic Bands & Symphony Orchestras – in addition to their non-competitive festival program. This festival offers many unique performance opportunities in the historical venues and churches located in the heart of the city.

After the festival is over, you can easily extend your trip and enjoy more fabulous musical highlights in the surrounding areas. We have created itineraries for those looking to extend their trip to Budapest, Dresden, or Vienna but, as always, our tours are fully customizable and can be adapted to fit your ensemble's unique needs.

Extend to Budapest
Learn More

Extension to Budapest

Extend to Dresden
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Extension to Dresden

Extend to Vienna
Learn More

Extension to Vienna

See More Venues!

Granada Music Festival

June - July
Granada, Spain
Granada Music Festival

The Granada Music Festival is an important cultural event in Granada, Spain. The festival takes place every June-July in various venues around the city. The locals make up hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people for your audience!

Buenos Aires International Youth Orchestra Festival

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires International Youth Orchestra Festival<

This 3-day festival takes place in Buenos Aires every year and is open to youth ensembles across the world. The festival culminates with a joint performance to an audience of thousands!

Contact us to customize your festival experience.